July 2017 Minutes

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July 20, 2017 2017

Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm at the Topinabee Community Church. Members present were Tony Naylor, Herm Boatin, Deb Chapman, Duane Engstrom, Sandie Lawson, Jill Lynch, Mary O’Hare, Darrell Schwalm and Al Terry.  Absent board members were Gray Fischer, Linda Neuss, and Kevin Prediger.

Motion to approve the Minutes of the April Board Meeting by Sandie Lawson, supported by Duane Engstrom, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Tony reported not much to note.  Dues and contributions are behind last year. Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Herm Boatin, supported by Sandie Lawson, motion carried.

Annual Meeting Saturday August 5 @ Hackmatack @10:00am.  Speakers are Sheriff Kelsey Kennedy, Jennifer Buchannan TOMWC, and Darrell Schwalm on MAPS projects and Al Terry of MAPS fishing update.  Kevin Prediger will bring refreshments.  Sturgeon for Tomorrow Display will be on site.  Al Terry will bring sound system.  Tony will take care of publicity.

Board members up for reelection are Herm Boatin and Linda Neuess.  Linda has decided to resign from the board.  Contact Tony with any possible prospects.

Proposal from Jim Burke BLPA to form a Sturgeon Club. There was a discussion as to why they are considering this club.  Our position on this proposal is to stay neutral until we are provided more information.

Old Business-

Darrell on future greenbelt projects – Biggest hurdles are finding a landscaper and getting volunteers to assist in planting.  Our role may need to change to more of an advisory position with assistance in planning and then have the homeowner seek plants and contractor.  We would continue to promote and support along with cost sharing on projects.

Website Update – Shawn has it almost ready to publish the new site.  Duane and Deb will be meeting with Shawn for training.

Lake Association Summit – Tony, Darrell and Herm shared information about Pipeline 5.  Visitor Donna Perla who recently retired from the EPA also expressed concerns.  Darrell sent out detailed information to the board which details what steps we can take to voice our comments.  There are several stages to this process and our best way to protect our waters is to comment. Donna offered to assist us with risk assessment. Please take the time to review the documents Darrell supplied.

Boat Wash – Darrell stated it was a success with lots of contact with people.  Darrell also stated that it may benefit us if we had some attire that identified us as MAPS.  He also suggested that we should target the Aloha State Park Launch site.

Old Old Business – Huron Pines is currently funding 4 new culverts in Mullett Creek.  In 2011 the board approved $5000 to assist in this project.  Discussion about offering the $5000 to Huron Pines.  Since it appears that the project is already funded, we suggested to approach Huron Pines and suggest that the $5000 would be available for future projects the take on in our watershed.

New Business –

Facebook Page. Deb reported that it is up and running but in the very early stages.  There are some technical problems but Shawn has offered to assist me with the FB Page.

Little Traverse Conservancy – We have donated $500 in the past.  Recommendation was made to increase that amount to $750.  After a lively discussion a motion to amend the amount to $750 was made by Mary O’Hare and supported by Al Terry, motion carried.

We received a letter of appreciation from Sturgeon for Tomorrow.

Motion to adjourn by Darrell Schwalm, supported by Duane Engstrom, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm


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