December 2017 Board Minutes

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December 21, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm at the Tuscarora Township Hall – Indian River. Members present were Tony Naylor, Herm Boatin, Deb Chapman, Duane Engstrom, Gray Fischer, Sandie Lawson, Jill Lynch, Mary O’Hare and Joe Van Antwerp.  Board Members Marty Jones, Donna Perla and Darrell Schwalm were present via Zoom.  Also present was Matt Claucherty from TOMWC and David Edwards, via Zoom, who will be replacing Matt at TOMWC next year.

Motion to approve the Minutes of the October Board Meeting by Sandie Lawson supported by Duane Engstrom, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Gray reported there us not much to note and he anticipates additional contributions to come in before year end.  Motion to approve the Treasurers report was made by Mary O’Hare and supported by Herm Boatin, motion carried.

2018 Proposed Budget was reviewed. Proposed change of Brochures to Advertising and 2018 plan for same item to $500. Discussed an increase to Earth Week contribution to $300.  Motion to approve changes by Herm Boatin and supported by Sandie Lawson, motion carried.

Election of Joe VanAntwerp to serve on the board from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020.  Motion to elect Joe by Deb Chapman, supported by Mary O’Hare, motion carried.

The issue of Mullett Lake Watershed Plan was raised.  There was a lengthy discussion during which Matt had some input.  MAPS will probably not be able to get funding any time soon.  He suggested that we work with TOMWC in the next year with hopes to get funding in 3-5 years.

Next was Matt’s presentation of Mullett Lake’s 2016 Shoreline Survey done by TOMWC in 2016. He reviewed how the survey is done, what they are looking for, how they rate the properties, the greenbelt report and how we compare to other lakes.  He discussed follow up steps such as site visits, assessments and septic evaluations.  He will send all board members a thumb drive that will allow us to view photos of each property.  The board discussed and requested contracting with TOMWC to send letters to property owners with shorelines that could be improved.  Thanks to Matt for an excellent job on the report.

Standing Committee Reports

Web site – Duane will update the Board Member list.

News Letter – Sandie requested articles for the March letter from Marty for fishing and Darrell about projects.

Projects Committee –

Lake Association Conference  – There was a lengthy discussion the need to work closely with Gail from TOMWC on this project.  The conscience was that the board agrees that this is a good idea and Darrell and his committee have the board support to move forward in exploring this endeavor with the assistance of TOMWC.

Boat Washing Station – Nothing new at this time

New Business – The board agreed that Gray will send $100 stipend to the Topinabee church for the meeting room in 2017.

Motion to adjourn by Duane Engstrom, supported by Mary O’Hare approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm

Respectfully submitted by

Deb Chapman


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