Board Minutes September 2017

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September 21, 2017 2017

Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at the Topinabee Community Church. Members present were Tony Naylor, Herm Boatin, Deb Chapman, Gray Fischer, Sandie Lawson, Jill Lynch, Mary O’Hare, Darrell Schwalm and Marty Jones.    Absent board members were Duane Engstrom and Donna Perla.

Motion to approve the Minutes of the August Board Meeting by Sandie Lawson supported by Herm Boatin, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Gray reported there us not much to note.  Cheboygan Chamber of Commerce has notified us for membership renewal of $175.  There was a discussion about our membership in both the Cheboygan Chamber and the Indian River Chamber.  What are the benefits of being members of the Chambers and how can we utilize the Chambers to grow our membership?  It was decided to continue to renewal our membership while exploring out options.  Motion to approve the Treasurers report was made by Darrell Schwalm and Supported by Herm Boatin, motion carried.

Guest Marty Jones was introduced.  He is an avid fisherman on Mullett Lake and has an educational background in fisheries, Donna Perla was unable to attend.

Standing Committee Reports

Board Formation Committee –Discussion to follow later in the agenda.

Membership Committee – Duane was not present to report.

News Letter Editor – Sandie reported that the fall newsletter is in the works at the publisher.  It should be ready soon for mailing.

Projects Committee – Darrell reported that there is more interest for property owners for installing greenbelts.  He has visited 2 more sites, O’Hare’s and Muchmore’s.  He and Jen Buchannan will be meeting at both Monday so she can create site plans.  We all agree that Darrell and his committee have done a great job and there is definitely more interest.   As we all share the information at our association meetings that creates more knowledge.

Darrell also discussed the orientation Power Point presentation he has created for the Shoreland Stewards Program to assist the board members in educating our neighbors and friends about the program to promote best practices with our lakefront property.  The board decided to have this as part of our October Board Meeting.  The October board meeting will be held at the Tuscarora township hall.  Darrell will make the arrangements.

Matt Claucherty from TOMWC has notified Tony that the shoreline survey they completed last year is now ready.  He will be invited to our December meeting to share the results with the board.

Election of officers for 2018 – President Tony Naylor, Vice President Herm Boatin, Secretary Deb Chapman and Treasurer Gray Fischer have all agreed to continue as board members.  Motion to approve by Sandie Lawson, supported by Darrell Schwalm, motion carried.

Election of two new board members Donna Perla and Martin (Marty) Jones effective immediately and thereafter for the regular three year term beginning January 1, 2018.  Motion to elect both made by Darrell Schwalm, supported by Gray Fischer, motion unanimously carried.  Note, we are still looking for one more board member.


Old Business –

We need to continue to pursue developing a Watershed Plan for Mullett Lake.  We discussed the $16,000 cost and the fact that we are the only lake not on the list that enabled all other lakes to obtain grant funds to cover the cost. Herm will work with Jennifer Buchannan to investigate how we can get Mullett Lake on the List.  New board member Donna Perla indicated in a previous meeting that she would be willing to take on the task of helping in the development of the watershed plan.

Motion to adjourn by Sandie Lawson, supported by Darrell Schwalm, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm


Respectfully submitted by

Deb Chapman



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