Board Minutes May 2018

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May 24, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting was called to order at 6:54 pm at the Tuscarora Township Hall – Indian River. Members present were Tony Naylor, Herm Boatin, Deb Chapman, Duane Engstrom, Gray Fischer, Marty Jones, Sandie Lawson, Jill Lynch, Darrell Schwalm and Joe Van Antwerp.  Board Members, Donna Perla was present via Zoom.  Absent Board Member was Mary O’Hare. Dave Edwards from TOMWC was also in attendance.

Motion to approve the Minutes of the December Board Meeting by Sandie Lawson, supported by Marty Jones, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Gray reported that not much has changed since last month, Dues and contributions are up $1800 over last year. Sgt. Kennedy has indicated that the cost for Marine Patrol will be $4700 this year.  There was a discussion about the deputies not being able to issue DUI tickets.  Tickets have been issued by the DNR.  Form 990EZ has been filed with the IRS for 2018. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report by Duane Engstrom, supported by Herm Boatin, motion carried.

Annual Meeting – Date is Thursday July 26, 2018 6pm to 9pm at the Cheboygan Library conference room.  Newsletter will go out to members early July.  Notice of the meeting will be in Cheboygan Tribune newspaper and Straits Area Reporter.

Agenda will include –

Chief Kelsey Kennedy on Marine Patrols.

Other possible speakers/topics discussed were:

TOMWC review of the Lake Association Summit meeting being held on June 18

Grenetta Thomassey from TOMWC on Pipeline 5

Marty Jones fishing report including the walleye comeback.

There was a recommendation that we give speakers a time limit of 12 minutes.

Refreshments for meeting will be an ice cream social.  Sandy is going to check out a vendors to provide and serve the sundaes.


Darrell suggested we invest in some more professional trifold display boards.  Board approved.


There was further discussion about having separate meetings with topics of interest for our members in addition to our annual meeting.  Such as a walking tour of shoreline models to promote greenbelts.  A presentation by Dave Stempkey explaining how and why our lake level is maintained.  Possibly include Dave in our annual meeting.


Committee Reports –


Newsletter will be mailed early July.

Topics to be included are:

Septic systems by Mary O’Hare

Introduction of new Board Members

Shoreline survey article

Interviews with Greenbelt homeowners – Darrell Schwalm

Summary of Lake Association Summit


Projects –

Boat Landing Blitz with Huron Pines-

June 24 at Aloha – Contact Darrell to sign up to help.  Looking at 2 hour stints.  We have our banner to display and Sandie is looking into T shirts with the MAPS logo for us to wear.


Shoreline Survey Letter – TOMWC is mailing to results to all lakefront home owners late June.  They will also mail a follow-up post card.


Fishing –Marty will have a newsletter article on Stream Survey, Lake monitoring and Sturgeon for Tomorrow.

Walleye population is definitely improved.


Website – Agenda is now on the website but there is an issue of publishing PDF’s.  Working on correcting.


Old Business –

Facebook page – still a work in progress, but is up and running.  We have gotten some likes!


New Business –

Ernest Cornwell, long time Mullett Lake resident and early on Director of MAPS      is recently deceased.  Family is planning a memorial golf tournament in Ernie’s name on June 2, 2018, with proceeds to be given to MAPS as a gift in his honor. Thank you!


Lake Association Summit on 6/18/18 at NCMC in Petoskey.  Several board members are planning on attending.


Motion to Adjourn at 9:09pm by Darrell Schwalm, Supported by Marty Jones, motion carried.


Meeting adjourned


Respectfully Submitted by

Deb Chapman















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