Board Minutes April 2018

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April 19, 2018
Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at the Tuscarora Township Hall – Indian River. Members present were Tony Naylor, Deb Chapman, Duane Engstrom, Jill Lynch, and Joe Van Antwerp. Board Members Marty Jones, Donna Perla and Darrell Schwalm were present via Zoom. Absent Board Members were Herm Boatin, Gray Fischer, Sandie Lawson and Mary O’Hare.

Motion to approve the Minutes of the December Board Meeting by Jill Lynch supported by Duane Engstrom, motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report – Tony reviewed the highlights of Gray Fischer’s report beginning 1/1/18 and ending 4/19/18. Our income is almost double the same period last year. The Net Change in Total Cash is also up from last year. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Jill Lynch, supported by Duane Engstrom, motion carried.

Election of Standing Committee Chairs for 2018 – Tony provided brief explanation of what each committee function for our new board members.
Executive—Tony Naylor
Finance—Gray Fischer
Beach Watchers—Deb Chapman
Education—Herm Boatin
Fishing—Marty Jones
News Letter—Sandie Lawson (Editor)
Zoning—Duane Engstrom
Projects—Darrell Schwalm
Web Site–Duane Engstrom
Tribal Relations—Tony Naylor
Membership—Deb Chapman
Motion to elect all current Committee Chairs was made by Marty Jones, supported by Donna Perla, motion carried.

Annual Meeting Location and Date. The Hack Ma Tack had been a great location but is not the best venue because of a lack of technology and audio system. The board discussed the best options and feels the Cheboygan Library is the best choice. Joe Van Antwerp will approach the library about us using the facility. We also discussed dates and times. It was decided that we feel changing the day of the week and time may increase attendance. We decided to try for July 19th late afternoon or early evening and possibly providing an ice cream social.

Committee Reports –
News Letter – Approximately 1400 news letters were mailed to our membership on April 9,2018.
Tony received 3 emails and 3 phone calls favorable to the content of the newsletter. We have also had an increase in conributions.

Projects –

Boat Launch Wash Stations are set for June 23rd and 24th at Aloha State Park and Burt Lake State Park with Huron Pines. BLPA will also be participating.

Jill is ordering a Banner for us to display at a cost of $150 which was approved by the board.

Shoreline Survey Letter – Jill is following up with Dave Edwards at TOMWC about when they will be mailed to the home owners.

2018 Strategic Work Plan

Executive Committee –
No need for an Administrative Assistant at this time
Bylaws are the Strategic Work Plan
Annual Membership Social Event – will see how our ice cream social at our Annual Meeting is received by the members
Annual Report – Discussed this being part of our Fall Newsletter.

Membership Committee –
At annual meeting possibly do a presentation on how to get younger people involved
Set up a facebook group
Continue to solicit and collect emails

Outreach Committee – Need to explore how to get the technical mechanisms to spread the word.

Due to technical issues we lost our connection to the Zoom participants at this point and did not complete the review of the Strategic Work Plan.

Old Business – TVM letter from TOMWC. MAPS donations $54,809.67 from 12/5/85 through 8/8/16 plus another $500 in 2017. Nicely done.

New Business – MISIP is meeting at Crystal Mountain Resort. No one from MAPS is attending.

Meeting adjourned at 8:18 pm

Respectfully submitted by
Deb Chapman

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