August 2017 Board Minutes

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August 17, 2017 2017

Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm at the Topinabee Community Church. Members present were Tony Naylor, Deb Chapman, Duane Engstrom, Gray Fischer, Jill Lynch, and Darrell Schwalm.  Guest Donna Perla was also in attendance.  Absent board members were Herm Boatin, Sandie Lawson, Linda Neuss, Mary O’Hare, Kevin Prediger and Al Terry. Motion to approve the Minutes of the July Board Meeting by Jill Lynch, supported by Duane Engstrom, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Gray reported there is not much to note.  Membership continues to lag behind last year. The board agreed to send $100 to the Hack Ma Tack as we have in the past for providing the facility, coffee and juice for our annual meeting.  Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Darrell Schwalm, supported by Deb Chapman, motion carried.

Annual Meeting – Tony shared the postcard that BLPA send out for their annual meeting.  We discussed ideas for improving our annual meeting.  The biggest concern was the audio and poor visibility for viewing presentations at the Hack Ma Tack.  We discussed possible alternative locations.  It was suggested that we look into buying a larger screen and audio equipment and continue to hold our annual meeting at the Hack Ma Tack.  We discussed the Music at the Mouth issue and the report from the Sherriff department.  It was suggested that Tony contact Sheriff Kelsey to obtain the statistics that he normally shares and publish them in our next newsletter.

Committee Reports –

Membership – Duane reported that there is not much new to report.  Our web designer is continuing to make improvements to our website and we will be able to capture and incorporate member emails on the new site.

Project Committee – Darrell shared that he did a site visit for a member.  He proposed that he would like to do an orientation for all of the board so that we have more knowledge about the Shoreland Stewards program enabling us to better assist and educate our friends and neighbors on natural shorelines.  We agreed that would be good.

Board formation Committee – Tony Naylor is now chair of this committee.  We have 3 openings as Al Terry, Linda Neuss and Kevin Prediger have all retired from the board. Election of officers for 2018 is postponed while we review possible candidates.  Possible board members are Terry Keating a retired attorney, Steve Phillip from Royal Oak Beach and retired from the DNR, Steve Crusoe from Needle Point who is an officer at Citizens National Bank and owner of Golden River Orchard, Marty Jones who is from Mullett Lake Village and an avid fisherman, Brenda Archambo from Sturgeon for Tomorrow, Donna Perla retired from EPA and Jim Whitmore.

Old Business – Fall newsletter.  Will include minutes form the annual meeting.  There is a meeting at the DNR on 8/23 at 10:30am with Dave Stempky addressing water level concerns. Tony will attend and prepare an article for the newsletter.

New Business – Sturgeon for Tomorrow is planting 6 inch sturgeons on Saturday 8/19 at 4pm at Aloha.  If anyone attends, take pictures.  Also noted that we received a letter of appreciation from TOMWC, thanking us for our donation.

Motion to adjourn by Darrell Schwalm, supported by Gray Fischer, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm


Respectfully submitted by

Deb Chapman




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