Annual Meeting 2017

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MAPS Annual Meeting

August 5, 2017 – Minutes


The 33rd Annual Membership Meeting was called to order by President Tony Naylor at 10:00am at the Hack-ma-tack.  The Board of Directors was introduced. Herm Boatin, Deborah Chapman, Duane Engstrom, Sandy Lawson, Jill Lynch, Linda Neuss, Kevin Prediger, Mary O’Hare, Darrell Schwalm and Al Terry.  Gray Fischer was absent.  MAPS expressed appreciation to the Redding family for hosting our meeting in this historic spot.

The business meeting was called to order at 10:05am.  Notice of this meeting was sent to over 1400 addressees from our mailing list on July 30th, 2017.  The meeting was also advertised in local newspapers and on our local radio station.  It was certified that there were 45 members in attendance fulfilling the by-law requirement that more than 20 members in good standing be in attendance for a quorum.

Minutes of the last year’s annual meeting were mailed to all in our fall newsletter. Duane Engstrom made a motion to accept the minutes as mailed.  Kevin Prediger supported the motion.  Motion carried.  President Tony Naylor reported that MAPS is in good financial standing thanks to the generosity of our members and the pecuniary wisdom of your Board.  Copies of the current report for the year end 12/31/2016 were available after the meeting. Contributions can be made through our website by clicking on the Membership tab and follow the directions.

MAPS filed Form 990 prior to the deadline and we continue our status as a tax exempt organization.

Next on the agenda was the election of 3 directors to serve for three years beginning 1/1/20018.  The Board Development Committee has recommended three current directors whose terms expire 12/31/2017 be reelected to the Board and all have agreed to serve.  They are Herm Boatin, Tony Naylor and Kevin Prediger. Motion to reelect the three board members was made by Darrell Schwalm. Supported by Sandie Lawson, motion carried. Linda Neuss has decided not to stand for reelection so we do have one opening on the board.  Anyone interested in serving on the MAPS board should contact Kevin Prediger who is our Chairman of Board Development.


Since our last membership meeting the Board of Directors has had nine board meetings and sent out 3 Newsletters.  The agenda and minutes of all Board meetings can be found on our website.  The Board has worked on some new projects that will be presented later in the meeting.


MAPS continues to underwrite some the cost of Cheboygan County marine safety water patrols as we have in the past.  MAPS continues to encourage and assist with greenbelt installations.


The MAPS website at www.mullettlake_maps has been recently updated.  Please visit our website for your enjoyment and to stay updated throughout the year. You may also contact us via email at  Motion to approve the actions of the Board was made by Al Terry and supported by Deb Chapman, motion carried.


No old business.  No new business.


Motion to adjourn the Business Meeting was made by Al Terry, supported by Deb Chapman, motion carried.  Business meeting adjourned at 10:22 am.


Cheboygan County Deputy Chris Wood was our first speaker.  He thanked MAPS for our continued support paying for a portion of the jet skis and boat.  Overall safety on Mullett Lake is good.  In addition to patrols to keep our lake and rivers safe, the patrols are also involved in assisting and towing vessels that have lost power. The first question asked was what can be done about the Saturday Music at the Mouth by the Cheboygan River. Deputy Wood shared that they do patrol the area but the Sheriff boat is difficult to navigate in the crowd but the jet skis do get into the area to monitor.  They can only address issues case by case.  The barge is owned and operated by Mullett Lake Marina and is the responsibly of the Marina.

The nest question was about drunk boating.  Deputy Wood explained that they do need probable cause to board a boat. The next question was about jet skis operating at dusk.  He stated that they will try to monitor.


Next up was Jennifer Buchanan from TOMWC addressing shoreline needs.  She did a review of all the different actions TOMWC does to assist in protecting and preserving our waterways.  They assist several watersheds in Northern Michigan.  Jennifer reviewed Natural Shoreline and Lake Health that looked at all of Michigan.  The results show that many areas are okay for now but steps need to be taken to protect the lakes and waterways of Michigan.


Jennifer presented some recourses to assist lake front owners.   Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership is a statewide organization that is a good resource for home owners.  The web site is   She discussed the importance of Natural Shorelines.  She reviewed the National Lakes Assessment program which is a statistical survey of the conditions of the nation’s lakes, ponds and reservoirs, and shared the results.


She also discussed the MIShoreland Stewards program that was introduced last year.  It provides recognition for lake front property owners who are protecting inland lakes through best management practices on their properties.  It also provides information on how to improve your rating.  She encouraged all members to go online and take the survey.  The website is


Other topics of interest were a review of the 2015 Aquatic Plant survey done on Mullett Lake.  TOMWC should have the report completed by the end of 2017.


Jennifer has recommended to the MAPS board that we work to develop a Mullett Lake Watershed Plan.  This is a complicated and expensive undertaking that Jennifer and the MAPS board are considering.


Next up was Board Member Darrell Schwalm on Project Conservation.  Darrell discussed the importance of greenbelts to reduce nutrient pollution into our lake.  Darrell shared several examples of greenbelts that MAPS has assisted and advised for our members.  One of the benefits of a greenbelt buffer is that it is easier to maintain than repairing erosion concerns that happen without a buffer. Other options are creating a no mow zone by letting it go natural or creating rain gardens to filter water from impervious surfaces. Darrell also shared MAPS involvement with the Clean Boats/Clean Waters project that took place at the Mullett Lake Village launch site in July.  We are also interested in any good examples of greenbelts.


Our final speaker was MAPS board member Vice President Al Terry on Fishing.  AL reported on the 2016 Open Water Creel Survey by the DNR.  The DNR was on the lake talking to the fisher people and reported that angler hours are up.  The good news is that the walleye population has rebounded, much improved between 2009 and 2016. Number 1 target for fishing is walleye.  The bass population is stable, probably because they tend to be caught and released.  Perch population is down, probably due to walleye increase.  Both steelhead and northern pike numbers are up.  Overall, a very favorable report on the fish population on Mullett Lake.  There has been some discussion about possibly raising the limit on walleye in two years.


Motion to adjourn was made by Herm Boatin and supported by Deb Chapman.  Meeting adjourned at 12:09 pm


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